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Major forgetfulness let me leave this notification until the last moment.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 17, at 2 p.m., the Mattole Valley Historical Society will be holding our annual Membership Meeting. Actually, although we have been a Society since 1994, and incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c)3 since March, 2016, we just realized that we need to conduct these annual public business meetings to satisfy the requirements of our status. We will meet at the Mattole Valley Community Center in downtown Petrolia–the old Petrolia or Mattole Union schoolhouse.

The purpose of the gathering is to do business, but there will be people to see and refreshments to enjoy, and I have prepared a slideshow of 160 images (and not just the same old ones we always see), which will be running in a loop; maybe after we sit down and take care of business, we can focus on and talk about the pictures. So there will be some fun to be had!

The main business is to elect or re-elect Board members and to report to our attending membership on our plans, achievements, finances, and so on, and to field any questions or requests the local public might have for us. Of course, our most exciting topics will be around the plans for our historical museum and visitor park on the Petrolia Square. Local son-returned-home Thomas Clark will report on this Building Project. If you would be interested in learning more, getting involved with your local Historical Society, serving on the Board in the future, etc., please attend if you can.

Now please don’t be too upset with me about not getting this notice out sooner, though it is a shame. The slideshow conglomeration of images will not disappear. I could always bring it to town for a private showing in your living room if you want to invite me! (There are other slide shows–without too much overlap–on my laptop computer, too, such as the one that was running at the Mattole Valley Community Center’s 40th Anniversary Party in August of this year, including many shots of the Mattole Union School and its pupils; also, the thematic one regarding sunshine and rain in Mattole history, shown early in 2018 both in Eureka and in Petrolia; and a couple of previous slideshows of highlights from our collection.) I did get the present event announcements onto our local Mattole Valley Google Board and onto Facebook, and we put up posters in Honeydew, Ferndale, and around Petrolia; but it is true that you long-distance and non-Facebook real people would have missed them.

I do sincerely apologize.
Here, however, is the poster concocted by our Director, Gary Fish Peterson, and finessed by our Treasurer, Dyan Damron:

poster,11-17-2018If you can make it tomorrow, we will be happy to see you! If not, please accept my apologies, and let’s see about making it up (the picture-viewing, at least) to you.

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