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Today we return to the 1880 journal of George Hindley of Honeydew. See my post from Feb. 4, 2011, for full introduction and an 1886 map of Hindley’s home territory. Please note, again, that items in italics are Bob Stansberry’s notes; anything in brackets [like this] is mine; and parentheses are usually the mark of the original transcriber.
On Feb. 5, 1880, Mr. Hindley had been injured when his horse fell over and hurt him.

FEB. 6—Clear all day and cloudy in the eavning, some indication of a storm. Millsap is still plowing. I sent George over to Dan’s, and Dan and Rodia came over to pack up my seed oats. I staid in the house pretty sore. [Dan is probably Daniel Merrifield; Rhoda or Rudeth is his daughter, and Truman his son.]

FEB.7—Cloudy all day with wind from south. I staid in the house all day, too sore to get out. Millsap is still plowing. Dan went with Georgie down to Singleys’ and brought up 1106 lbs. of oats. Rodia is still heare.

FEB. 8—Clear all day with a few clouds from south. Millsap finished plowing and went home with 200 of flour and an order for ($3) worth in store. Dan sowed grain all day, Georgie harrowed in grain. C. Frost came today. I done nothing today.

FEB. 9—Cloudy all day, looks like rain this eavning. I am pretty useless. Stayed in the house most of the day. Frost went home today. Dan and Rodia went home. I let Dan have 100 lbs. of flour, alsow Gillespie (—-?)

FEB. 10—Cloudy all day with snow. Stayed in the house all day. I Amens came over and went home with Fits’s males [mails? Or nails?.] Gillespie and wife and Minnie Hunter came from Bull Creek. [?] Pillewink had a lamb.
Was Pillewink the name of a sheep?

FEB. 11—Clear all day with a cold wind and a few flying clouds. I stayed in the house all day, still lame. Gillespie and wife and Minnie Hunter went to Mattole after dinner. Georgie went round the sheep, no lambs.

FEB. 12—Clear all day with a few flying clouds from north. Stayd in house all day. Margaret had tooth ache. I wrote letters to Standard [?] and Sloss, mother, and one to sister Becca. Truman Merfield came over tonight.

FEB. 13—Clear all day and pleasant. I potterd round at difernt [things]. Truman brought over a sack of barley. He went home today. Gillespie and wife came from Mattole. I. Amens came over and they all stay tonight. I got 25 lbs. nales from Gillespie.

FEB. 14—Slight rain in morning and commenced raining in eavning. Time is up for R. Shearer [Rob Shearer—see Jan. 25 entry.] Gillespie and wife went home. Thos. Hunter and wife came up today. C. Young brought home dogs and in to take of chang(—?) I pottered round fixing fence.
Thomas Hunter was a brother to John Hunter, Sr., and also to Paschal.

FEB. 15—Stormy all day and coald with snow. C. Young is still with us. Paschal Hunter and wife is still on a visit with us. I stayed in the house all day and done nothing.
Paschal or Pass Hunter had a home located just southeast of Windy Nip below the county road? Was his wife Amanda? Was their son named Thomas also?
[Bob, the 1880 Mattole census shows Paschal Hunter, 40, with wife Amanda, 35, and children Ida, 17, Thomas, 15, Basio-?-14, Moses, 12, Ardina, 9, Angie, 7, Bessie, 5, and Charles, 3.]

FEB. 16—Snowing most all day, by spells quite squally. C. Young went off for home this morning. Thos. Hunter and wife went home. I went out and kiled a deer. Counted 14 lambs.

FEB. 17—Cold and blustering all day and snowing in the eavning. I went out and got a deer that I kiled yesterday and we got up the sheep and puld out lambs. Jim (?) Amens came over and staid all night.

FEB. 18—Stormy and squally all day with snow and sleat. Went and looked after the sheep and Georgie and me run off ½ mile of survey lines and corralled 14 lambs with sheep. I. Amens went to Fits’s.

FEB. 19—Cloudy all day and snowing at times. I went and tended to the sheep and trimmed our trail. A lot of Dan’s cattle came past this eavning. About 1 foot of snow.

FEB. 20—Clear all day and snow thawing off fast. A little cloudy in eavning. Georgie went to the Post office for male and will stay all night. Went and let out sheep and trimmed trail.

FEB. 21—Cloudy all day, wind. I went over to G. Hill’s [George Russell Hill’s], and got 412 cts worth of Bacon and lard. Wm. Cathey and I. Amens came and staid all night. Georgie came up with mail. I kild two deer today.
Where did G. Hill live?

FEB. 22—Cloudy all day with wind from south. I staid in the house all day and red the paper. Cathey and Amens left in the morning. John Hunter came up and to diner and then went off.

FEB. 23—Cloudy with mist and a slight rain. Stayd in the house all day and red papers and cut out a pair of gloves. Nobody came or went today. A light rain tonight, foggy.

FEB. 24—Clear all day with a slight mist at times. Georgie went to post office and brought me a pair of Boots and the male. I worked on front fence all day. Truman and Wm. Cathey past heare.

FEB. 25—Clear all day and very chilley cold. Wind from the north. I worked on fence round porch. I started to make the chicken house. Cathey and Truman came up with cattled, staid.

FEB. 26—Cloudy all day, cold wind. I worked on chicken house all day. W.H. Clark staid all night. I. Howard and (?) Pacheco came over after the stear and is staying all night.
W.H. Clark was probably T.K. Clark’s father—see T.K.’s book Regional History of Petrolia and the Mattole Valley, pp. 30-34, for information on Pacheco the Spanish cowboy and his “cabristos”. A cabristo was a gentle steer used to tow wild cattle with, perhaps the “stear” mentioned here was one of those.

FEB. 27—Clear all day with cold raw wind from the north. School teacher left this morning and Howard and Tachacoe [Pacheco?] took chain gang off. This morning I worked on porch and chicken house.
Was the “chain gang” cattle that were chained together?

FEB. 28—Clear all day, very pleasant. Georgie hauled up rails and posts. I finished the porch and worked on the corrall the rest of the day. Sold Carlo to I. Amens tonight.

FEB. 29—Clear all day. Gillespie and Amens brought over the dogs. Millsap came over today. Merifield came also. They all stay all night. Georgie and Anney went down to get mail. I stay in the house… (?) Tomy Bools [Boots?] came and went.
Tommy Boots?

MAR. 1—Cloudy, looks like rain. Gillespie went out a hunting this morning. Dan went to town. Ammens went home. Millsap went home. Got 100 lbs. flour. Fayette and I went to Singleys’ to hunt. Did not come home.

MAR. 2—Cold and snow. Fayette went home today. Still at Singleys on a hunting. We have kild nothing but a coon so far. Got a letter from Sloss. Snow by spells today.

MAR. 3—Cold and stormy with snowing by times all day. Still at Singleys’ hunting. Seen Dan pass by coming to Bull Creek. I did not kill no varment today.

MAR. 4—Still at Singleys’ hunting but no sign of aney varmint. Singley and son were out with me all day. It is cold and stormy with snow. Came home, brought (—-calf?)

MAR. 5—Cold and cloudy with strong wind—– of rain—–(?) came or went. I went out on a hunt and kild a cat, a coon, and a deer in the eavning. Georgie skinned a sheep.

MAR. 6—Clear all day with a raw wind from the north. I worked on the garden and scraped up manure round the barn. A. Amens came over this eavning. And stays all night.

MAR. 7—Clear all day with a cold wind from north. Georgie went and got old (—-? Jim?) and one cow and calf. After dinner I went and salted sheep. Amens went home, Cathey came from Dan’s.

MAR. 8—Clear all day with cold winds from the north. I worked on corrals most of the day. Gillespie came over from his place. Cathey went and got three dear he killed.

MAR. 9—Clear all day and cool. Gillespie went to the upper valley and back this eavning. Cathey chopped wood all day. I pottered round on fencing. Topsy had two lambs today.

MAR. 10—Clear all day and chilly. Gillespie went home. I [or T] Hunter came up. I and Margaret go over to Dan’s . T. Hunter went over to Gillespie’s. We stayd with Dan.
Could I. Hunter be Ida (age 17)? Was she a twin sister of Lidia’s, or her cousin?
[The “I” could be a “T” in almost all these cases. The transcriber probably saw two letters that looked very much alike in handwriting. I would like to see the original of this journal!]

MAR. 11—Clear all day. Had breakfast with Dan and then we went over to Gillespies’ to dinner and I sowed his grain. We stayed all night.

MAR. 12—Clear all day, cold wind from north. At Gillespies’ corralled the sheep and doctored them. Counted 217 old ones and 43 lambs. Then came home. I [or T] Hunter came with us, still heare all night.

[Let’s hope they get a little bit warmer in the coming month. We’ll pick up where this left off.]


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